Posted by: pointlenana | October 16, 2011

Ok, here we go again

In April 2012, I will be running the Boston Marathon on behalf of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and in support of my colleague Steve and others I know who have been affected by cancer.  I’m going to document this journey over the next six months.  I am more intimidated by the fundraising than the running, but at the same time I’m excited about both. 

On the training front, I’m going into this in decent shape.  During 2011 I’ve run three marathons – Boston, Big Sur, and Chicago (this past weekend).  I plan to run the “California International Marathon”, which is a rather grand name for a marathon in Sacramento, in early December.  I also rode 4 double centuries (200 miles in one day) this year, including three hard ones down in California with 15000+ of climbing in each one.  I did tweak my hamstring in August, so training for Chicago was somewhat non-existant.  But I seem to have recovered and hopefully I can train for Sacramento and Boston without further incident.  Two weeks after Boston I will be running Big Sur again. 

On the fundraising front, I’ve set what feels like an ambitious goal – $11000 for basic research for the treatment of cancer.  Secretly I hope to surpass it by a considerable amount and reach closer to $20000 but I’ll have to see how the fundraising goes when I’m actually doing it.  It’s easy to have big visions and assume everyone will say yes and make big contributions.  Doing it will presumably be harder than that. 

Hopefully through this we can all get a little closer to Dana-Farber’s vision of a world without cancer.

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