Posted by: pointlenana | October 22, 2011

Lift off

Three conversations, three donations way beyond “reasonable” and at the outer edge of my most optimistic hopes.  It’s a nice way to start towards my fundraising goal.  It’s a little like the first few miles of the marathon though.  You feel great.  You’ve tapered down from hard training, and had a couple pretty easy weeks.  Everyone around you is excited and feeling good.  You are still well-hydrated and nothing hurts.   Those first few miles are pretty great.  That’s how I feel about the fundraising right now.  It will get harder. 

This past week was the first full week of training I’ve been able to do since July – full mileage, full variety of workouts, full speed in each type of workout.  In late July my hip started hurting and one day in early August a hamstring gave out at the end of intervals.  The month after that was ugly – trying to run once or twice a week, gutting out maybe one lap around the lake near our house, and despairing about the early October Chicago Marathon I was signed up to do. 

Fortunately there is a highly-recommended sports PT up the street so eventually I sought the wisdom of the great Bart and Malorie.  With their help, and a lot of butt exercises, I went from not being able to run comfortably to being able to run really slowly with a little pain, to running a little less slowly without much pain, and eventually making it through Chicago respectably.  After my recovery last week, this week was full-on training, and my paces are pretty close to pre-injury.  I run with a heart rate monitor and was delighted when I compared similar runs from late Sept and this week – faster pace yet lower heart rate this week than in September.  It makes me optimistic that I can go fast in Sacramento.  Thank you Bart, Malorie and Mac.  I didn’t know stretching could be so painful, and there’ve been a couple times when I could barely walk the day after my appointment, but you are really good at what you do and the pain (or “sensation” as another PT says) has been worth it.   

Long run tomorrow, mostly at marathon pace.  The weather turned this past week, so it looks like a normal Pacific NW 48 degrees and drizzle run. 

My college friend/Chicago Marathon company was accepted this week for the Dana-Farber team also.  Running Boston with Janet and Paul will be pretty fun.  That’s kind of off in the distance right now though – I’m more focused on being a Boston-worthy fundraiser than a Boston-worthy runner.

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