Posted by: pointlenana | October 25, 2011


I’m amazed at people’s generosity.  I’m less than a week into this fundraising process and I’m close to the halfway point towards my goal.  People have given so willingly and generously.  Over the weekend I had moments (hours?) of doubt about whether I had set a goal that was too ambitious.  But I had a few more conversations today and someone from last week responded, and in the end today resulted in another big step forward.  Thank you to our friend Martha who provided some coaching about my fundraising plan. 

Friday I went to PT again and again they worked me to exhaustion.  One of the exercises I do are “bandwalks” – put a stretchy band around my ankles and/or thighs (both in this case) and walk sideways up and down the length of the room.  After a couple circuits of other exercises, I had to do 5 roundtrips of bandwalks as fast as I could.  After 3/4 of a lap I stalled, and Mac (the guy I was working with) burst out laughing.  “Well, you started out great!”  Then we finished with some core stuff using abdominal muscles I thought were in ok shape.  The next morning it was another struggle to get out of bed – even my neck muscles hurt from the core exercises.  I did manage to get out the door and do 18 miles of mostly marathon pace run.  Again, I started strong and then went downhill.  I spent the rest of the day mostly in a fatigued haze.  Yesterday (Sunday) I woke up looking forward to a nap.  Sometimes these long run weekends are like that – run, rest, try to do a couple things, then go to sleep. 

We saw Moneyball last night.  I love any Michael Lewis book.  The book is better – it covers the material in a much richer way – but the movie was fun.

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