Posted by: pointlenana | November 8, 2011

Keep moving

Ok, week three or so of fundraising and I’m somewhere past the halfway point.  It’s been a bit odd asking people for substantial amounts of money, but people have given generously and I knew when I set my 26.2 goal that I would have to ask for larger amounts and see what would happen.  People have been incredibly gracious about it.  Thank you if you are one of those people. 

On the training front I’m just under 4 weeks away from running in Sacramento.  Based on my recent speedwork I have a decent chance of setting a new personal record (PR).  My long run this weekend was pretty good even though I was incredibly sore from the core PT session I had on Friday.  In fact, it’s Monday night – 3 1/2 days later – and my whole torso is still sore.  Being able to do a long (19 mile) run with fast intervals near the beginning and end is hard enough.  Doing it when my core felt like that – and surviving – makes me a little more confident about how I’ll do in December.  After I do that marathon I’ll rest for a couple weeks and then ease into Boston training.  My typical training schedule lasts 24 weeks, which would mean starting right about now.  But I figure that with coming off one round of training for Sacramento, 16 weeks for Boston will be fine.  Also, I do not plan to run quickly in Boston – this will be more about the experience of being there, being part of the Dana-Farber team, and running with a couple other people.

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