Posted by: pointlenana | November 24, 2011


The Boston Marathon is about 5 months away.  The California International Marathon (aka Sacramento) is 10 days away.  Thanksgiving dinner is a couple hours away. 

Janet and I had a nice run on the Burke-Gilman this morning, before the rain and wind started.  It was gray but overall a good morning for running, and surprisingly quiet for 8:30 on a non-work morning.  One of those days where  we start counting people because we see so few.  For me, it was the first run in a couple weeks where I wasn’t trying to go fast, recovering from going fast, and/or recovering from a hard PT session.  I started out creaky, felt better after a few miles, and finished with a few strides that were as fast as any strides I’ve run.  Hopefully this bodes well for Sacramento. 

I’ve been fundraising for Dana-Farber for about 5 weeks now, and depending upon how I count I’m 60-80% of the way to my goal, the difference being commitments that aren’t donations yet.  Presumably they will turn into donations, but Janet says that I can only remind people so many times before I have to stop bothering them.  In any case, I’m well past the goal I originally set when I applied and reasonably confident about achieving my updated 26.2 goal.  As expected, it’s a lot like running the marathon – things have slowed down now and instead of taking big steps forward, the steps are smaller and less frequent.  All that said, I’m still amazed and thankful for the generosity that people have shown.  My colleague Steve, the one I’m running in support of, has been watching the total grow and told me yesterday that it’s clearly going well. 

This next week is the last part of my taper.  I start reducing my running about 3 weeks before the marathon, so my body can rest and heal and go into the run well-trained but energetic.  Total miles go down, and time spent running hard goes down, but when I run hard I run just as hard as I did before the taper.  Just for less time.  So where I might have done 6 4minute intervals a few weeks ago, I did 4 of them this week.  That run was not easy – it was pouring and blowing about 20 mph, and since it was 6am it was also dark and I was feeling my way through bits of trees on the path.  I have a 10 mile run on Saturday, and then reduce through the rest of next week.  Towards the end it’s easy to feel restless – lots of energy and none of the usual outlets for that energy.  After a rest day on Friday, I’ll do a short run on Saturday mostly to avoid going crazy.  And then 26.2 on Sunday, hopefully faster than I’ve done it before. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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