Posted by: pointlenana | January 3, 2012

3 cool things

1) Thanks to a lot of generous people, I am already well past my goal of raising $26.2K for cancer research at Dana-Farber – I’m closer to $30K at this point, and just increased my goal to $35K. 

2) My college friend Paul is running for Dana-Farber also, and did an absolutely brilliant job.  In about 3 weeks he also raised $30K.  So between us we’ve raised $60K.  Wow. 

3) Someone shared this with me this evening:  “After helping my mother go through a 1.5 year treatment program almost 2 years ago, cancer research has been my favorite cause. In fact, the drug that cured her was discovered and went through trial in the Barr program.”  People have told me they’ve had family taken care of at Dana-Farber, but this is the first time that someone has pointed specifically at the Barr program which our fundraising supports.  And a great outcome!

On the not-cool front, when I signed up to run for Dana-Farber I was doing it in support of my colleague at work.  Since then, I’ve found out another colleague and two long-time friends have been diagnosed with cancer as well.  I said this somewhere else just now, but the reason to be ambitious in my fundraising goal is because the need is great.

I’m going to try to run home tomorrow.  16 miles.  Wearing a camelbak for the first time.  In the dark for sure – headlamp and a tail light on the camelbak.  And according to the forecast, probably rainy.  It will be interesting.  This is one of my training tweaks – adding one longer easy midweek run as a way of getting my peak weekly mileage up to about 65 miles.  We’ll see how well that sticks after tomorrow’s dark wet experience.


  1. Really impressive on the fundraising !!! Congrats. Any fundraising tips you can share ? This is my first time running for Dana farber ..I’m at 4425 right now. Thanks !!

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