Posted by: pointlenana | March 31, 2012


I was working on my In Honor Of cards just now – cards honoring/remembering people who are fighting cancer or who won or lost their battles.  These will be displayed on race day in Boston and at the Dana-Farber pasta dinner the night before.  Janet walked in a few minutes ago and said “you’ve put a lot of time into this – fundraising, etc.”  I guess that’s true but what strikes me is that many of my teammates are doing all that while also training for a marathon for the first time.  I’ve been through the training part a few times already and in many ways it’s just a normal part of my daily/weekly rhythm.  Thinking back to the first time I trained though, I remember it as being really hard. So kudos to all my Dana-Farber teammates who have put all that time into their Dana-Farber fundraising while finding still more time and commitment for marathon training.  You are almost there, and I hope race day goes incredibly well for you. 

During this Dana-Farber journey, I’ve been lucky in so many ways and want to say a few thank you’s:

– To Janet, the BAA, Dana-Farber, and my gimpy leg for creating the perfect storm of circumstances where I had to/got to run Boston 2012 on behalf of Dana-Farber.  Change any of the four things a little bit and I would have missed what turned out to be a great opportunity.

– To the staff at Dana-Farber, for providing a lot of information and support, and for answering my 1000 questions, always a week before you were going to tell all of us anyway.  A good news/bad news thing I guess – you got the same focus on fundraising as you did on understanding the whole process in minute detail.

– To all the people who have supported me.  Over $50K in donations – amazing!  Dana-Farber recently sent out an update that says I am the top fundraiser out of 550 team members but I don’t think of it as me – we are at the top of the list.  (Although this is a situation where it would be fine to get passed by someone or even better several people.)

– To Microsoft and its matching gifts program which represent a significant portion of that total.  While it took commitments from individuals to achieve this level of fundraising success, in aggregate Microsoft is my largest supporter. 

– To everyone – donors, friends, physical therapists – who’ve kept me motivated and healthy.  I’ve been at this for close to six months and there have been plenty of setbacks and dark moments along the way.  Thanks for helping me get through them. 

Thank you to all of you.  I’ll be thinking of you 16 days from now as we depart from Hopkinton.

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