Posted by: pointlenana | April 7, 2012

Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge 2012 by the numbers

With the Boston Marathon 9 days away, it’s a good time to look back at what’s happened over the past 6 months of this challenge.  Here are some numbers about the training, the marathon, fundraising for cancer research at Dana-Farber, and cancer itself. 

Training over the past five months

1000+:  Total miles run

158: Hours running

65: Peak miles in a week

14: Long runs of 18+ miles

8: 17 mile runs (mostly running home from work)

14 hours:  Time spent running “comfortably hard” (barely aerobic) to improve speed

140 minutes:  Time spent running (uncomfortably hard) anaerobic intervals

Too many: Quad-fecta mornings at Greenlake – dark, cold, windy and rainy.  More than usual compared to previous training cycles. 

Highlight:  Running with Janet for hours, most weekends.

Highlight:  Running in the park with Janet and our dog Moani, who is disappointed whenever Janet and I go out together but give her a rest day (aka make her stay home, glowering at us out the front window as we leave). 

Highlight:  Today’s final “long” easy run of 10 miles.  This is the first Saturday afternoon in months that I’m not feeling crushing fatigue. 

Lowlight:  Alpha Rajai, RIP.  We’d see this homeless man and wave to him most weekends as we ran through the park.  Other park regulars knew him as well.  Mr. Rajai was shot and killed in the middle of the night a few weeks ago – someone told us one day as we ran past the bench where he lived. 

Lowlight: Running with a deep hip bruise for a couple weeks after crashing my bike on ice in January.

Lowlight: The long run on January 14 (Olympic Marathon Trials day)  that finished up with a snowstorm.  Janet got tired of the weather and bolted for home at top speed.  I had nothing left in my legs and soon was staggering all alone in a blizzard with a mile left.  I almost gave in and curled up in the snow. 

Boston Marathon – April 16, 2012

10:40am Eastern time: Start time for our wave of runners

10:43am:  Estimated time we will cross the start line.

3 hours 50 minutes:  A Goal – spectacular success if we do this.

4:00:  B Goal – success.  Another Boston qualifier for Janet – BQ’s are always a success.  Something like 10% of marathon runners qualify for Boston.

Finishing healthy:  C Goal, so Janet and I can run the Big Sur marathon 2 weeks after Boston

The weather:  Biggest uncontrollable performance factor on race day.  Hot = temperatures much above 60 = slow

2:33-2:43pm:  Estimated finish time

8:46-9:09:  Estimated pace per mile for 26.2 miles

1:45pm:  Estimated time we will be running up Heartbreak Hill

12234: Mark’s bib number

20546: Janet’s bib number

13746: Paul’s bib number  website for the Boston Athletic Association, where you can track runners’ progress by bib # or name on race day. 

Fundraising (as of April 7, 2012)

~$54300:  Total donations to Dana-Farber in support of my challenge – thank you!

110+:  # of donors

~$98400:  Total donations to BAA charities, in support of Mark, Janet, and Paul who are all running Boston 2012 for charity – thank you again!

$10000:  The original goal when I applied to Dana-Farber


2:  Number of people I was running for when I joined the Dana-Farber team

5: Number of people I’m running for now

75%:  Estimated % of donors who told me a cancer story about someone close to them.

44.85%:  Lifetime risk of developing cancer, according to US Cancer Institute data from 2006-2008

Quite a ways:  How far we still have to go in developing more and better treatments for cancer.

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