Posted by: pointlenana | April 11, 2012

The Weather Thread

I like the taper week just before the marathon because I start to feel rested, nagging aches heal, and the constant fatigue of training fades.  That said, because we are running a lot less than we did a few weeks ago, we have extra energy to use somewhere.  One common place to put it is in obsessing about the weather.  After months of training, we have zero control over the weather – could be hot and humid, could be wet cold and windy, could be perfect (cool and calm).  In spite of having zero control, some runners (possibly including me) attempt to control it by checking the forecast “occasionally”.  Ground zero for weather obsession might be this thread on the Runners World forums, titled “Official Boston Weather Thread”:

In case you don’t have time to read through all 300+ posts to this thread, here are some of my favorite comments that give you a feel for the energy some people invest.  It’s especially interesting this time because there are dueling fronts and competing weather models.  If the “european” model is accurate, we’re in for a warm/hot (70s or even 80) day on Monday.  If the “gfs” is right, it should be 50s or low 60s.  Oddly, the weather before and after is pretty straightforward, it’s just marathon monday that is in question.  Anyway, on to the comments. 

“Reply to: If you look at the whole country this week, there is a short lived warm front that is heading through.  Chicago goes 82 on Sunday to 60 on Monday.  Because its so short lived, I’m not really obsessing yet.
Posted by scratchy513:  What the hell else have I got to do this week! “
“I’m not even racing this weekend and I’m obsessing. If you venture into the Weather thread, you are obsessing – pretty much by definition. “
“Well if the weather gods are taking requests … I’d like sunny all day Saturday and Sunday (for a dry Athletes’ Village), then cloudy but no actual rain Monday, 35 degrees at the start and 50 at the finish”
“You don’t fully understand how rapidly changing weather predictions are until you check every 30 minutes….. “
“You’re giving it 30 minutes? Man, wish I had that kind of restraint! “
“Just checked the weather for about the 35th time today, and there is a hope that the warm front will be through before Monday., which had been showing 70’s is back into the 60’s for Monday, more in-line with the other forecasting sites. It’s also looking like there could be a decent tail wind. Maybe I’ll only check the forecast 30 times tomorrow!”


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