Posted by: pointlenana | April 13, 2012


Forecasts anywhere from low 80s to 90.  A friend from Boston just emailed “it’s gonna be a Bataan march out there!”  Fun.  I woke up worried about cancellation but I’ve gotten past that.  Now I’m trying to move through the stages of faster running grief quickly so I can accept whatever comes on Monday.  Hopefully there are a lot of spectators out and it may turn out to be a fun long run. 

If it’s trending towards low 80s we’ll probably plan on running a minute slower and see how we feel later in the race.  For any of you who plan to start fast, I did something like that in Chicago this fall knowing I was neither trained properly nor acclimitized to the heat.  I got away with it but I ran slower than I could have had I started slower.  What saved me was dropping my pace a LOT when I knew I wasn’t going to last – from something like 8:00 per mile to something like 9:30 per mile.  I’d recommend starting slow and maybe speeding up instead – less health risk and you’re more likely to have a good day instead of a bad ending. 

Here’s the best advice I’ve found so far on handling the heat, again courtesy of Runners World forums:

“If you’re going to drink a lot, avoid hyponatremia by taking some extra salt, something like S-Caps or Endurolytes or simple salt tablets, or even just packets of salt if you can keep them dry.  Even Gatorade dilutes your sodium levels, so don’t think that drinking it will solve the problem.  Gu has little ,if any, sodium.  And no, taking extra salt on Sunday won’t help.  You’ve got to try to replace what you’re losing during the race.  Drink enough, but not to excess.  The advice I’ve heard is not more than 25 oz/hr.”

“I too plan to take it slow through most of the race and the Newton Hills seems to be a good place to assess where I’m at.  I think I will add a whole minute to my expected pace and stay well hydrated.  I grew up in NN, Va. and know a thing or two about the hazy, hot and humid days of summer as well.  Hopefully Boston doesn’t get too unbearable.  Good luck!”

“I’m one of the many people on this board who ran Boston in ’04.  I also had the great pleasure (sarcasm)  of running Chicago ’07.  Although my time stunk in both, they were completey different races for me.  Essentially, I learned a big lesson in ’04.  I went out too fast, OVER-hydrated, walked on and off in shame for the last few miles, and puked water and sports drink afterward for five hours straight.

In Chicago I paced myself better, finished ten mins. faster than Boston ’04 and was no worse for wear.  I salvaged my season by doing a marathon for time five weeks later, but I had more options because it was the Fall.

Anyway, I thought the temps in both races were brutal: Chicago due to the lack of shade and high humidty and Boston due to the lack of shade and tailwind, which made it feel warmer than it was.  All in all, it felt warmer in Chicago, but my time there was 20 mins. off my orignal goal as opposed to Boston, which was 30 mins. off.   In other words, times were slow in both, but at least I wasn’t crying and puking in Chicago, so I considered it a good day.

At least Boston no longer starts at noon and you can depend on having water every mile – unlike Chicago ’07. “

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