Posted by: pointlenana | April 14, 2012

On your mark

We get on our plane tomorrow morning and start this journey.  It looks like a beautiful weekend ahead here in Seattle.  I wish we could pack the weather and bring it with us.  The forecast for race day is something between low 80s and 90s, with the trend heading towards 90s. 

I just saw Jamie’s post about the expo.  That seems so far in the future – finish packing, get up early tomorrow, fly, land, wait, fly again, meet our friend, have dinner, sleep, get up, short run, meet our DF friend/teammate Paul, find the Dana-Farber checkin, and finally get to the expo.  These prerace days are kind of like that, where there’s a lot to do and yet time seems to slow down. 

Today was productive and non-productive at the same time – get some work done, get our taxes and Dad’s taxes sent off, get a call saying Dad’s phone line is dead, go look for him at his apartment and fail to find him, do some more work, look for him again, wake him up from a nap, plug everything back in and (surprise!) the phone works again, do some more work, pack one more item of the 15 Ihave left to pack, wander around the house aimlessly for a little while, pack one more item, etc..  Oh well, I have several hours of airplane time tomorrow when I will be able to focus on work things that piled up today.  Then it all begins for real.  Once I get to Boston I think I’ll relax a lot.  

I’m hoping that in spite of the heat Monday is fun.  I’m counting on the spectators to be out there cheering us insane runners on.  Running slow, having lots of spectator support, and enjoying it could be a great experience.  I do have this sense that there will be a point (probably the Newton hills) where we’ll feel like we’re melting for a little while.  I did a bike ride 18 months ago in CA with Janet’s sister where after 100 miles with a lot of climbing (and right after a big burrito at lunch) we did a very steep climb in the 95+ degrees and sun.  I think the worst of Monday may be a little like that.  At least we won’t have big burritos in our belly. 

There will be a lot of fit people there Monday, not wearing much clothing.  Hopefully we won’t be seeing much of this:

or this:

A friend tells me that his wife has declared that under no circumstances is he to wear a singlet by itself.  I guess she prefers heat stroke over the possibility of an unruly chest hair sticking out.  One benefit of the heat is that we’re not going to be freezing or dealing with extra discardable clothing at the start.  I was cold waiting for the buses the past two years, and I have a feeling that I’ll be fine with just a long-sleeve shirt over my singlet.  Looking for those silver linings where I can. 
On to Boston…


  1. love this. the pictures made me laugh!! 🙂 I could use a few laughs when I’m running. Have a safe travel to Boston…and have fun at the expo!!!

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