Posted by: pointlenana | April 16, 2012

Get set

9pm the night before.  My clothes are laid out and I think I have everything I might need, including duct tape and a pen in case I decide to label myself so people can cheer me personally.

The BAA keeps cranking up the defcon level.  The latest missive says that we shouldn’t run unless we’ve run a qualifying time.  This warning suggests Janet and I are ok, since we both have done that, vs. yesterday’s where we scored something like 3 out 5.  As hot as it’s going to be, I think we’ll be ok just going slowly, keeping our hats wet, walking if we have to (horrors!), and watching out for each other.  My guess is the worst conditions are maybe 75 or something where people don’t give up on time goals and run too hard, maybe like our conditions in Chicago where I suddenly had to back way off.  For tomorrow we (hopefully) all know to start really slow and pay attention.

I didn’t know what to expect at the Dana-Farber pasta party tonight.  I loved a few things.  First, they recognized a bunch of different categories of people – partners of kids with cancer, people who’ve run for Dana-Farber an incredible number of years (20 or even more in the case of Brian Herr), people who’ve raised a lot of money over a lifetime, and those of us who somehow raised a lot this year.  Clearly they are very appreciative of all different kinds of commitment.  Second, Dennis Moran goes on my list of personal heroes – someone who ran for Dana-Farber for a while and then struggled with a brain tumor.  He’s still finding ways to “run” for them in spite of needing a cane to walk now.  Tomorrow he’ll be competing on a hand-cycle.  Go Dennis!  I doubt he’s bumming out much about the weather, and if I start bumming out about it tomorrow, I’m going to think about his ability to persist.  Third, there were a LOT of people there.  Maybe 5 times as big as I thought it would be.  Living in Seattle and doing this for the first time I had no clue.  Finally, the In Memory Of (kids who had running partners but who lost their own battles with cancer) was pretty moving.  Someone talked about us runners doing this fundraising for the next kid/adult who is diagnosed – I’ve had that in the back of my mind all along, it’s really an effort to improve the future.  So it was a good event.  It was also great to meet the staff of DF who have been very supportive, and who have answered about 5 million questions for me.  In the crowd of people I didn’t meet a couple other people whose names (or blogs) I know – hopefully I will meet them tomorrow at the church.

Now I try to sleep.  If it’s like any of my previous marathons or bike rides, I’ll sleep fine for about 3 hours and then wake up.  The rest of the night will pass slowly as I find issue after issue to keep me awake (will my alarm go off?  did I pack everything?  do I really want to take my phone?), and at 5am tomorrow I’ll finally be able to get up, dress, and start the day.

Good luck everyone!  Stay healthy and have a great time.

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