Posted by: pointlenana | April 16, 2012


5:22am.  I’ve eaten my bagel and banana.  I’ve put my body glide on, and repinned my bib on my singlet about 4 times aiming for the perfect combination of centered and flush.  I wrote my name on duct tape and stuck it to my singlet – supposedly the preferred method so that you can tear it off if you start dying and get sick of people saying “go Mark, you can do it!”  I have my Dana Farber refuge wristband on my right wrist and my Garmin on my left.  I think I’m ready.

I managed to sleep until 3:15 last night.  Pretty good as these things go.  It did take a while to fall asleep.  Every time I almost went out I started dreaming that I had gotten separated from Janet and Paul, and woke back up.  Eventually I decided it would be ok to separate and sleep for a few hours.

The weather says mostly cloudy this morning and then clearing, with a high of 89.  It’s 57 out in Hopkinton right now.  Glad I brought all the warm clothing and the discardable clothes for the starting line.  It’s funny – I’m not the least bit worried about the distance today, just the heat.  Badwater is what, 110 degrees?  I don’t think it will be like that.  On the other hand, I haven’t been training in a sauna for a few months to get ready.  I have this sense that the starter gun will go off, it will be dead quiet for a minute, and then someone will finally step over the starting line.  The amazing thing to me is that there will be elites out there actually competing to win.  I guess they’ll finish before it gets too hot and quickly enough that maybe their bodies won’t heat up like mine will.

Well, time to finish up and head off to the buses at Boston Common.  That’s pretty fun – a big public space full of runners.  Off to Hopkinton, and a run, in oh… 5 hours from now.

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