Posted by: pointlenana | April 20, 2012

Stop me before I register again

Janet and I ran Boston on Monday.  On Sunday April 29, we will run the Big Sur marathon.  We actually registered for Big Sur before we started this Boston project.  We ran Big Sur last year and Janet’s “first and last” marathon was so great that we decided to do Big Sur again.  Then Janet decided to take advantage of her first marathon Boston Qualifier, and things got complicated.  Now Boston is behind us, so in 9 days we do our second marathon in about 14 days. 

That probably sounds insane, but what’s really insane is that last night I registered for the North Olympic Discovery Marathon on June 3.  The idea here is that I’ve trained pretty hard, ran very slowly in Boston and plan to run “slow” (Janet’s pace) again in Big Sur, and this is a chance to run fast.  When I mentioned the idea to Janet, she said “if you’re doing that I’ll run it to, but we’ll each run at our own paces”.  Runners World has a post-Boston thread called “How soon can I run my redemption marathon?”   I think she is in the mode of looking for redemption after Boston, even though no redemption is needed and she’ll probably do fine at Big Sur.  Anyway, clearly we’ve lost it in our household – signing up for a 3rd when we haven’t finished a 2nd, which in itself is over the top -and someone should take away access to sites like this:

that make it easy to find marathons around the world every Saturday and Sunday (and more). 

For anyone looking for redemption but not quite sure how to go from a slow Boston to a faster marathon a few weeks out, here’s how I’m approaching it.  Caveat:  I did Boston 2 Big Sur last year also (2 weeks apart) and that’s it for my experience doing more than one marathon in a short period.  So it’s not like I have vast experience. 

A friend told me that I should be good on distance, so I’m not doing really long runs.  Maybe 17 miles at most.

I’m taking a week after each marathon to rest and recover, with no or little running. 

Once I’ve done that, I work backwards from the marathon date and repeat the taper weeks.  So for Big Sur next week, I’ll repeat the week prior to Boston.  After Big Sur and one week of rest, I’ll repeat the 4 weeks before Boston, modifying the long runs a little. 

Depending upon how I feel during those 4 weeks, I may do a little extra speedwork.  E.g. one tempo run and one marathon pace run during the week, vs. the one faster run I’ve done weekly before Boston.  I did that last fall between Chicago and CIM (7 weeks if I remember right) and got away with it even as I was recovering from an injury.  

I will cut out easy runs and/or speedwork if my body feels like it’s wearing out.  It’s easy to get injured after a marathon, and I did just that after my first and possibly second.  I think I can tell better now when I’m on the edge and back off, but we’ll see about that. 

Looking at the Marathon Maniacs criteria, I see I can attain Ruthenium status if I run just 25 to 30 marathons in 365 days.  Hmmmm….  Help!!!


  1. Wow! I was wondering if I should join up with a charity for Chicago 6 months away … you are looking at 2 more in as many months! I’ve caught the bug … I just need to work on timing. 🙂

    • Yes, do not run marathons when it is 89 degrees. If you figure out how to manage that timing, please let me know. I hope your BBQ’d-ness has passed now.

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