Posted by: pointlenana | April 27, 2012

2 Big Sur

Janet and I travel tomorrow to complete part 2 of Boston 2 Big Sur – 2 marathons, 2 coasts, 13 days.  Janet ran her “first and last” marathon there last year.  If I remember right, out of the blue she said “I’m not getting any younger.  If I’m going to run a marathon I’d better do it soon”.  It was news to me that she needed to run a marathon.  But apparently she did, and following Bart Yasso’s guidance (which used to be on the Big Sur site, something like “if you are only going to run one marathon, it should be Big Sur”), we signed up.  I think I’ve told this story before, but after totally disavowing any time goal in the weeks before the run, and giving up on time completely when we saw the hills, Janet (and I) went out and ran a Boston Qualifier time in her first and last marathon.  She enjoyed it so much, and we liked the whole experience so much, that we signed up for this year pretty soon after the registration opened.  Things got complicated when she announced “well, since I qualified for Boston I’d guess I’d better do that – I’ll probably never get another chance”.  Another surprising need that I hadn’t known about.  But here we are about to finish Boston 2 Big Sur, earning us a special training shirt (we already have those), an extra finishers’ medallion, and a cool jacket (I have one from doing it last year).  As I say, I’ll do anything for a special shirt.  Oh, we also get to go into a tent at the finish where they give us free beer.  I’m past those days but I can see some people doing it for that reason too. 

Big Sur is great.  Last year was weird because the road washed out and they had to improvise in the final weeks, and it was still great.  I saw a comment somewhere, “on a scale of 10, Big Sur is a 10 and I haven’t run another marathon better than an 8”.  A runner’s course put on by runners.  Things like that.  We liked it because, well, it’s sunny and warm (this is important when you grew up in CA and live in Seattle).  But we really liked it because no one goes there to PR or qualify for Boston – the course is too hilly – and no one goes there for the adulation (there are almost no spectators).  People just go for the scenery and experience and to have fun.  Also, the event is large enough relative to the scale of the towns, that we take over and everyone you see is there for it.  It’s even small enough that you get to meet Bart Yasso himself:

and then have him announce your name out as you cross the finish line.  It’s like marathon camp weekend in a really nice place.  At least it was last year and we’re hoping for a repeat.  We also lucked out on weather last year – there can be a strong headwind up the whole course.  With our out-and-back, slide-altered route, we ended up with a tailwind for the first half and no wind for the second half.  Perfect. 

The current forecast is for a low around 48 Saturday night and a high of 63 on Sunday.  I hope we don’t freeze to death after our Boston experience.  Sunday morning we should be out for a temperate jog along the coast, listening to waves crash, seals bark, a few thousand footsteps and the occasional band or piano.


  1. Have a beautiful, comfortable, happy and fun run you guys!!!!

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