Posted by: pointlenana | May 20, 2012

Central Coast Double – May 2012

Last Saturday, I rode the Central Coast Double.  The ride starts in Paso Robles (pronounced like nobles, which I have trouble with but that’s really how people say it), heads through vineyard country to the coast, travels up highway 1 for 40 miles, heads inland to King City crossing an army base along the way, and then winds through more vineyard country back to Paso Robles.  Here’s a good map of the route.  212 miles with 14000 feet of climbing.  It took me just over 16 hours.  The ride is part of the California Triple Crown series, and it was the first one of these rides I’ve done this year, without training very well.  From running I’m in shape, but my body isn’t used to hours on end holding my head up in riding position, cushioning my arms with my hands and wrists and so on.  I was fairly sore at the end.

Just before the start – 5:40am

There are some hardcore athletes in this crowd. See below.

Heading west through the hills, towards the coast.

That’s a California Triple Crown jersey on the rider ahead of me. You can only get those if you are a “winner”, i.e. have done 3 of the rides in a year.

It was foggy when we hit the coast. About 40 miles of this kind of riding ahead of me at this point, although it gets hilly after about 20 miles.

We rode to about 10 miles south of Big Sur, where Janet and I had started the marathon 2 weeks earlier.

Getting inland from the coast required riding up and over a 2500 foot ridgeline. It was pretty steep, and foggy for a lot ofit. But eventually we could see again.

This is in Fort Hunter Liggett – just the road, a lot of oak woodlands, and no people – except for us cyclists.

More riding on the base.

This is out towards King City or San Lucas. It was like this for 10s of miles.

Looking north, during the “Highland” portion of the route. That’s a brief glimpse of San Antonio Lake. Not too long after this, it got dark again.


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