Posted by: pointlenana | July 17, 2012


Some bits and pieces.

Alta Alpina

There some good video available of the Alta Alpina/Death Ride descents, Monitor in particular.  In the Death Ride they close the roads.  I had traffic to deal with, but there wasn’t any.  In the Death Ride there are 3500 cyclists on the road, in Alta Alpina, there were about 40 on Monitor East during the time I was on it.  So I “earned an open descent” without really earning it.

By finishing I get to wear this Alta Alpina jersey.  Check out the elevation chart at the bottom.  I think it is to scale.  Sort of…

Here are the results for the day.  I think these are in order of finishing, although they may not account for start times.  E.g. I started at 3:30, so if someone started 2 hours after me and finished an hour after me, they should be listed ahead of me but may be listed afterwards.  In any case, it looks like about 65 people finished out of 120, and I finished somewhere in the middle of the finishers.  Not bad for an old guy with a desk job.

Big Sur Marathon

Janet and I registered for Big Sur 2013 yesterday.  2 years ago it sold out in November.  Last year it sold out in a couple months.  This year (for 2013) it sold out in 28 1/2 hours.  Kinda harsh actually.  They can’t grow it because the logistics of getting to the start are difficult.  Also, there is literally no more space to wait in at the start area.  For a great experience overall, that start area – where each person has about 1 1/2 square feet of personal space – was the worst part.  Glad to be in, although feeling a little guilty about taking spots from others.

White River 50

I’m doing a little run in about 12 days, the White River 50 (mile).  It has 8700 feet of climbing, and 8700 feet of descending.  Basically you start at a road, climb a mountain on one side, come down, cross the road, and repeat it on the other side.  Their site says “Only 2 hills”.  Uh-huh.  I burst out laughing when I saw that.  My friend Jeff talked me into this.  We’ll see if he’s still my friend afterwards.  I’m counting on the spring marathon/ride season getting me through this, and hoping I don’t experience permanent injury.  I’m guessing it will take between 10 and 12 hours.  Which is less than Alta Alpina or the other rides I’ve done.  Even Terrible Two lasted longer and I didn’t finish that.  Thankfully, after that I have no plans at all.  Yay…

London 2013

I’m now an official member of Team Whizz Kids for the London Marathon, raising money to buy wheelchairs for kids who need them.  My friend Paul talked me into this.  Oh.  London is the weekend before Big Sur.  Hmm…  I’m also somewhat convinced I’ll run Boston again for Dana-Farber.  Let’s see, that’s 3 weekends in a row, on two continents and 3 “coasts” if you can count it that way.   I wonder how that’s going to work.  Janet asked me a little while ago if I’m a committed cyclist, and I replied that yes, I do think I should be committed.

Ok, for bits and pieces, that seems like plenty.

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