Posted by: pointlenana | July 21, 2012

Umm… Is this typical?

Ok, so I’ve never had a strong desire to do a triathlon.  However, I have spent time in a pool and done almost 2 miles of laps.  Not quite 2.4 miles, but close enough.  I’ve ridden more than 112 miles.  I’ve done a few marathons just this spring.  So an ironman distance triathlon seems vaguely feasible.  I was looking at triathlons in WA and came across the Grand Columbian Triathlon, at Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia.  Way down on the page I see this special offer:

 Note: For all Iron and SuperTri distances (Aquathlon included) athletes may optionally purchase an 1000 ml IV during registration for $35 that guarantees them accelerated post race hydration and accelerated recovery. The purchase will assure you a no hassle IV that will set you on course for a quick recovery. We will have medical staff waiting at the finish line to administer them.

Uh.   Is this typical for triathlons?  For just $35 you can get someone to shove a needle in your arm?  Part of me thinks I’m done with low-end events like the Boston Marathon where if you want an IV it’s DIY.  The other part of me thinks WTF, I’ll stick with things like running and cycling.  None of this “have an IV, with some exercise on the side” stuff for me, thank you very much.

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