Posted by: pointlenana | September 10, 2012

Fast Geezers

I recently looked at the results for the Redmond Watershed trail marathon I did a couple weeks ago, and was pleasantly surprised to see that I finished sixth overall and was the fastest geezer (50+) out there.  I won’t mention that there were only 46 finishers, that there were only about a dozen people who were 50+, or that a 49 year old (i.e. someone who could be as little as 8 months younger than me) ran it almost 45 minutes faster than me.  Instead I’ll just bask in fastest geezer glory – it probably won’t happen very often.

Today Janet and I did another “marathon as long training run”.  This time it was the Skagit Flats Marathon, about an hour north of here.  I love these races with almost no logistic issues.  Sleep in my own bed, get up at my normal weekday time, drive for a little while, pick up the bib, stand around for a while because we left plenty of time just in case, run, come home.  As the name implies, the course is flat (check out the elevation chart on the USATF page).  We think the 194 feet of climbing (about 8 feet every 5280 feet of travel) is overstated too because the chart shows a spike that we anticipated would be a freeway overpass but turned out to be running under an overpass – maybe they measured the top of the overpass.  Very good conditions – low 60s, cloudy, a tiny bit of drizzle for a total of 10 minutes.  There was a 10mph tailwind on the way out that turned into a headwind on the -and-back portion, but I’m not bothered much by a wind like that and Janet got behind me when it was bad and let me plow for her.  Nice friendly run, rural roads without much traffic, good support, cool medals, and we got to finish on the high school track.

Janet did ok for not tapering, running 11 miles yesterday, sleeping badly last night, and going into it with the goal of having fun.  She set a new pr by 4 1/2 minutes, lowering her pr to 3:54:01 and pretty much ensuring she can get into Boston if she wants.  (Her comment on that Boston option is along the lines of “oh goody”.)  She came in 2nd in her age group.  Number 1 finished only 40 seconds ahead of her.  We joke that one day we may hear a spectator shout “Look at that old lady go!  Go old lady, go!”  For her efforts she added the piece of hardware below to her collection.  A good couple weeks for geezers.

The head even bobbles!

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