Posted by: pointlenana | August 28, 2014

Live Tracking for UTMB

First, thank you to all the people who’ve wished me luck and encouraged me along the way.  For every runner out there, there’s a whole crew of people who helped them get there and/or who are out making the race possible with course markings, aid stations, medical support, etc..  I haven’t met a participant yet who isn’t incredibly grateful for that support.  So thank you.

If it works (and I’ve heard that it does), the live race tracking for UTMB looks very good.  Here’s how to track me during the race.  The race starts at 5:30 pm on Friday August 29 (i.e. about 25 hours from now), so 11:30am east coast time or 8:30am west coast.

Follow this link:

and in the top left you will see this (you can click on the pictures below to see a larger version – go back in your browser when you want to continue reading):


Type my bib number – 1456 – or my last name into that search box, press enter, and you will see something like this:


This view shows the checkpoints along the course – distance and elevation – and by clicking on the circle on each you can see when I arrived.  It may also give a projected time for the next/first checkpoint that I haven’t reached yet.

There are 4 tabs along the left.  The first one gives the view shown above.  The second one gives a table view on checkpoints and times, like this:


The 3rd tab shows the checkpoints on a map, so you can see me travelling around Mont Blanc.  The 4th one shows/hides some information about me, including my “win record” (hah!  No wins in my race record).

For the real masochists/diehards, there is also live web tv coverage (with helicopters even and web cams at a few of the checkpoints) starting at 7am Friday Aug 29 Chamonix time (for a race that doesn’t start until 5:30pm!) at this link:  In case you have nothing better to do than sit and watch for me – I’ll be wearing a white shirt, red/gray pack with 2 water bottles on my chest, black shorts and/or tights, a white baseball cap or gray/red warm hat, and possibly neon green armwarmers and/or a neon green raincoat.  Bib #1456, with a small US flag on it.

Here is my own “plan” for the race, i.e. my projections on when I will reach each station.  It is very hard to make predictions for races like this – times depend a lot upon things like weather (wind and/or rain) and issues during the race like blisters, nutrition problems, or simple fatigue.  My projection has me finishing in about 38 hours.  This would be a good race for me, given that of all the starters, 1/3 will drop out of the race, 1/3 will finish in more than 40 hours, and only 1/3 will finish in less than 40 hours.  Since I’m neither the youngest nor the fastest out there, 38 hours would be a good time.  But reality will likely be pretty different, and typically things go worse rather than better.  With that caveat, here’s the projection.

Estimated Time
Local East Coast West Coast Country Location Miles Total Up
5:30pm 11:30am 8:30am France Start/Chamonix 0 0
6:25pm 12:25pm 9:25am France Les Houches 5 390
8:40pm 2:40pm 11:40am France Saint-Gervais 13 2940
10:15pm 4:15pm 1:15pm France Les Contamines 19 3120
11:55pm 5:55pm 2:55pm France La Balme 24 6680
3:25am 9:25pm 6:25pm France Les Chapieux 31 9260
6:10am 12:10am 9:10pm Italy Lac Cambal 40 12401
8:05am 2:05am 11:05pm Italy Col Checrout 46 13940
9:25am 3:25am 12:25am Italy Courmayeur 48 13940
11:35am 5:35am 2:35am Italy Refuge Bertone 51 16610
12:50pm 6:50am 3:50am Italy Refuge Bonatti 55 17530
1:55pm 7:55am 4:55am Italy Arnuva 58 17880
5:55pm 11:55am 8:55am Switzerland La Fouly 67 20830
8:50pm 2:50pm 11:50am Switzerland Champex-Lac 76 22650
midnight 6pm 3pm Switzerland Trient 86 25590
3:35am 9:35pm 6:35pm France Vallorcine 92 28380
6:40am 12:40am 9:40pm France La Flegere 99 31220
8:10am 2:10am 11:10pm France Chamonix/Finish 104 31220


  1. We’ll be watching and cheering from my parents in Modesto! Bon courage, mon beau frère!

    • Thanks, I love that “courage!”

  2. This is great – I’m following along. Best of luck to you!

    • Finally saw this – thanks Jason! Looks like you crushed your 50 mile race. Are you fast enough to get invited in the near-elite folks in NYC? Good luck there.

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