Posted by: pointlenana | August 3, 2016

Live Tracking for Angeles Crest 100

The basics:

This is my comeback run after screwing up in Santa Barbara.  I can’t do anything about the California Triple Crown at this point – just move on and cheer the 9 people who still have a chance to complete it.  So, my goal is simply to have a good AC100.

The weather forecast is promising – low of mid 50s during the night and a high of 75-80 during the day.  That’s way better than the 90-100+ in San Diego and Santa Barbara.  However, I learned a new term this week: “fuel temperature”.  That’s the temp that a dowel will reach when it’s stuck in the dirt in full sun, and it can be a lot higher than the forecast air temperature.  So the air temp forecast is good, but the fuel temp forecast is in the low 90s.  Still, it’s got to be better than San Diego’s heat index of 108.  Right?

I’m told that the AC100 course is about 1 1/2 hours slower than Western States.  Given my WS100 and SD100 times, that suggests a finish time of 28-29 hours.  I can think of a few reasons I could do better, but I’ve also run (most of) two 100 mile races in the past two months so I could also go way slower due to fatigue.  I’m trying to run this without expectations about time – run efficiently, finish when I finish, and hopefully feel like I had a good race afterwards.

ac course map

AC100 starts in Wrightwood, crosses the San Gabriel Mountains, and finishes at the edge of the Los Angeles Basin. The Sand Fire which just happened burned much of the area with the label “Angeles National Forest”.  There is a huge forest closure due to the fire, and the eastern edge of the closure landed only 2 miles west of that north/south part of the trail.  Having a trail run cancelled is nothing compared to losing homes.  But still, we runners got lucky.

ac100 elevation profile

In some ways this run is like Western States – it starts high and gradually descends, lots of climbing/descent, etc.. At Western States though all of the big climbs/descents happen in the first 62 miles.  The biggest, steepest climb at AC100 happens about 75 miles into the race – about 3000 feet in 6 miles.  Then you pound downhill (on tired quads), do another big climb, and pound 3500 feet down to the finish.

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