Posted by: pointlenana | September 5, 2016

Live Tracking for Tahoe 200


I start the Tahoe 200 run this coming Friday, September 9, at 9am PDT.  I hope to finish during daylight on Monday Sept 12 but there is a huge amount of uncertainty around that goal – a lot can go wrong in 200 miles and I’ll be happy with any finish (the cutoff is Tuesday 1pm).  My real goal is to enjoy getting around Lake Tahoe (through the mountains) on foot.  I plan to sleep at 3 aid stations – Sierra at Tahoe, Heavenly, and Brockway – so if you are following me don’t be surprised if I appear to stall out forever there.  Janet and Brewing-Scott From Reno plan to run sections with me from Heavenly to Tunnel Creek.  My projected times are below, but those are a very rough guess.

My bib # is 54.  There are 2 good resources to follow the race.  You can also get to both of these from the 2016 Live page at the top of the web page.  (That main page has a short video showing what we get to run through.)

UltraLive: This will give you semi-realtime updates of my progress through aid stations.  My page:  We are all required to wear SPOT trackers, so there is realtime tracking based on GPS location at  (If that link doesn’t work or is still the 2015 race, the 2016 link should be available on the Tahoe 200 site).  TrackLeaders has an interactive map of the course – you can see where the aid stations are and by moving around the map/elevation profile you can see where the hills are.  The runners will show up by bib number on the map (as you can see from the picture above).

When I’m out there in these events, I know that people are tracking my progress and it helps keep me moving along.  Thank you!  Look alive, see these bones…

Projected Times:

Mile Aid Station Time
0 Start 9:00am Fri
7 Barker Pass – Out 10:55am Fri
18 Rubicon – Out 1:35pm Fri
30.5 Tell’s Creek – Out 5:05pm Fri
44 Wright’s Lake – Out 9:45pm Fri
56.7 HWY 50
62.9 Sierra at Tahoe – In 3:55am Sat
62.9 Sierra at Tahoe – Out 7:15am Sat
70.5 Housewife Hill – Out 9:35am Sat
88.1 Armstrong Pass – Out 3:45pm Sat
103.1 Heavenly – In 8:45pm Sat
103.1 Heavenly-Out 12:45am Sun
123.5 Spooner Summit – Out 8:10am Sun
140.5 Tunnel Creek – Out 1:50pm Sun
155.5 Brockway Summit – In 7:20pm Sun
155.5 Brockway Summit – Out 11:20pm Sun
161.5 Watson Lake
175.5 Tahoe City – Out 7:05am Mon
190.6 Steven Jones – Out 12:55pm Mon
205.5 Finish – In 6:15pm Mon



My laminated crib sheet for the run.




  1. Hopefully you won’t be too tired to eat or too hungry to sleep when the opportunities arise. I’ll be following your progress.

    • That’s exactly what I’m worried about – it’s so… permanent.

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