Posted by: pointlenana | October 9, 2017

Moab 240 Tracking


I start the Moab 240 Friday morning (Oct 13) at 7am Utah time.  Here’s all the info for those of you who enjoy watching paint dry:

  • My main goal is simply to finish and enjoy the area (near/in Bears Ears National Monument) before it gets strip-mined or turned into a private resort for cabinet members.
  • My extra-credit/quality-of-life goal is to finish before it gets dark for a 4th night – 84 hours or less.
  • Here is a link to live tracking for the race.  Every runner in the race will be carrying a GPS tracker and will show up on the map.  I’ll be wearing bib #2.
  • Ultrasignup will also have (somewhat-delayed) aid station splits at:
  • I will also be carrying my Garmin tracker – no real reason to look at it but sometimes it’s more accurate than the SPOT trackers we’ll be using.
  • None of those things is likely to be 100% accurate on its own, but collectively they should give a good idea where I am at any given time.

Here’s a short video of the course/area – the music makes me think I’ll probably run into the High Plains Drifter and/or Sergio Leone.

Thank you and kudos to Gene Dykes who created this document with “pictures” of the course generated in Google Earth: MoabGoogleEarth.

Here is some information about each leg of the race – estimated time of arrival and departure at aid stations (I will eat everywhere and hopefully sleep in a few spots), distance between aid stations, and how much up and down there is.  The time estimates are not much better than a guess, and the farther into the race I get the more likely they are to be way off.  This schedule gets me done before the 4th night sets in, but when I’m out there I focus on being efficient with my energy and time vs. trying to stick to some plan.

Thanks for looking at my little dot moving around the big circle!

In Day Target In Out Day Target Out Total Distance To Next Up Down
Start Fri 7:00 AM 0 15 2155 2108
Hurrah Pass Fri 10:40 AM Fri 11:10 AM 15 18.7 2025 1705
Breaking Bad Fri 3:40 PM Fri 4:10 PM 33.7 22.2 1727 1307
Hamburger Rock Fri 9:40 PM Fri 10:25 PM 55.9 12.8 737 273
The Island Sat 1:30 AM Sat 4:15 AM 68.7 15.5 2239 715
Bridger Jack Sat 8:00 AM Sat 8:30 AM 84.2 19 4228 2389
Shay Mountain Sat 2:30 PM Sat 3:15 PM 103.2 18.5 618 2866
Dry Valley Sat 8:15 PM Sat 9:00 PM 121.7 13.6 559 884
Wind Whistle Sun 12:30 AM Sun 3:15 AM 135.3 13.6 879 931
Rd 46 Sun 6:45 AM Sun 7:30 AM 148.9 17.6 3446 679
Pole Canyon Sun 1:30 PM Sun 2:30 PM 166.5 17.3 5895 5568
Oowah Lake Sun 8:50 PM Sun 11:35 PM 183.8 20.4 1248 3754
Porcupine Rim Mon 5:45 AM Mon 6:45 AM 204.2 16.3 876 3653
Arches Aid Mon 11:45 AM Mon 12:30 PM 220.5 9.3 1234 582
Hidden Valley Mon 3:15 PM Mon 4:00 PM 229.8 8.5 1601 2053
Finish Mon 6:30 PM 238.3




  1. Good luck…I’ll try to follow your progress.

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