Dad.  Husband.  Runner.  Ex-software engineer, and now running coach.  Ex-and-still-wanna-be climber.  Cyclist.  Son.  Brother.  Sightline (non-profit) trustee.  Exercise commuter.

Erratic sleeper.  Balding.  Ancient.  Crabby when hungry.  Aims to serve others.  Sometimes succeeds.

Point Lenana = 3rd highest summit on Mt. Kenya = place I got engaged during a fabulous month doing medical research on schistosomiasis as data entry person with my wife-to-be

The Schedule = inflexible Excel spreadsheet that dictates grueling exercise schedule/program, that my wife claims I have the ability to influence and even edit.


  1. Hi there – have taken a mad leap into entering a 100 hour 200 mile ultra in England next year. I have been up to 50 milers only thus far and was wondering if you would mind sharing your training plan for Tahoe 200 with me so I could review it and perhaps take up some tips on how you approached your race. I look forward to hearing from you. johnstonkyle@hotmail.com


    (N Ireland)

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